Bullets and Boxing

There was a lot of “bullet” sweating this past week concerning the gun control bills up for vote, or at least some worrisome drops from social media conservatives  and liberals wondering if the Democrats could muster the votes required to “shoot down” this legislation.  

Yes, Obama got the vote on gun control that he had guaranteed so many people.  But he didn’t get the results he wanted and immediately took to the main stream media with his trusty side kick, Joe Biden, (ever notice how much he resembles Walter the Grumpy Old Man puppet that belongs to Jeff Dunham?) and the ever dependable supporters thereto, and pronounced his shock and awe.

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He couldn’t wait to blame the NRA for the entire thing and this of course is probably what he wanted all along; a platform for which the voters could use to go after the Republicans in the next election.   It will be the David v Goliath if that is his strategy.  The NRA v the liberal voters.

In this corner, weighing in at 4.5 million members the NRA.  In the opposite corner, the registered voters of America, coming in at 150 million.  These two have met before on many occasions, and the last fight was won by the NRA in a not so surprising bout that scored  54 to 46 in the Senate arena. 

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Those 4.5 million NRA members have an estimated 270 million guns in circulation and they do not seem to be wavering in their opposition to the liberals trying to restrict or control them.  So from Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” to the Gifford’s “I Will Not Rest” it appears the next fight will be in the 2014 and 2016 elections. 

The argument — what exactly does the 2nd Amendment mean, what did the Founding Fathers intend, what does the Supreme Court interpret — is obviously not going away anytime soon.  Meanwhile we all hold our breath, knowing there will be another gun incident.  It doesn’t matter what laws are passed, someone will kill someone with a gun.  Unless and until guns are outlawed and confiscated it will continue to happen.  

The first being the fear of the NRA, and the latter being the fear of the gun-control advocates.   Fear distances you from the reality.  Fear makes you believe in an outcome that is imaginary and your fears succumb to lies; lies told to you, lies you tell yourself.  Fear makes you defensive and skeptical.  It makes you arrogant and think you can control the outcome. 

The above paragraph describes both groups.